Net Objectives Community Bundle

The essential courses, content, and support for Lean-Agile

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Introducing the Bundle

The Net Objectives Community Bundle offers you the following:

  • A troll-free discussion group, moderated by Net Objectives consultants, to talk about any business or software related topics.
  • Free access to any 100- or 200-level online Net Objectives training courses. Currently these include both process and technical courses:
    • Lean-Agile at Mid-Scale: FLEX Essentials
    • Agile Product Management Essential Concepts
    • Foundations of Sustainable Design (part of the Sustainable Software Development series)
  • Access to all of the Premium content on the Net Objectives Portal including:
    • A members-only discussion forum
    • Scores of webinars
    • Hundreds of pages of content
    • The ability to comment and ask questions on each page.
    • Team-Agility Templates
    • Monthly Q&A sessions with Net Objectives consultants on various topics

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Net Objectives Community Bundle includes these courses

Agile Product Management: Essential Concepts
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Lean-Agile at Mid-Scale: FLEX Essentials
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Foundations of Sustainable Design
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